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The Quick Change Vise Jaws




Piston Jaw will grip from one to five parts with equalized hydraulic pressure.

Piston Jaw is a self contained sealed unit which requires no maintenance.

Piston Jaw consists of five upper and five lower pistons (which independently compensate)

HOLD-FIVE “Piston Jaw”, used with “Five matching Vee’s,” holds 1 thru 5 parts ranging from 3/8 to 1-3/16 diameter. Parts can vary .025 in diameter with no loose parts! HOLD-LARGE “Piston Jaw” used with the same “Five matching vee jaw” will hold three parts up to 2″ in diameter, using every other vee position.
HOLD-SQUARE Hex, rectangle or irregulars- using “Piston Jaw” with modified soft jaws. Machinable jaws available in 50 sizes. (Shown with Machinable Aluminum Tips) HOLD-CASTINGS Burn outs, forgings and almost anything using “Piston Jaw” with serrated carbide tips- for MAXIMUM gripping power!

What’s New in Quick Change Vise Jaws?

Introducing 6 NEW Products!

Bigger Vee Jaws

Holds 1 inch thru 6 inches.
Grip two parts at a time for double the production. All Snap Jaws fit the
Kurt and Chick vise bolt pattern.

Thicker Top Jaws

You machine them! Ideal for holding castings, disks, rings, ect. Steel or aluminum.

Taller Soft Jaws

Fast, affordable fixturing. Now available in over 50 sizes to cover all your workholding applications. Yes, we quote specials!


Bigger Vee Jaws

Holds 1 inch thru 3 inches. Ideal for milling or drilling. Work stops are included.


Longer Step Jaws

Hold 8 inch parts in a six inch vise. Replace your parallels with extension step jaw.

Wider Plate Jaws

Holds plates from 2 inches thru 15 inches. Great for fixtures or oversized plates.



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