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Laser Marking Services:

Snapjaws offers the option

to mark your parts for you.

A marking experience of more than 2 decades,

independent from technologies & methods,

leads to the best result for your products.



We cover all Laser Marking standards, especially military, aircraft or medical standards, most of which we have on file. We can mark any part with any logo on any surface. Our experiences reach from plain and curved inscriptions to pictures and 2D barcodes.

We mark on surfaces with difficult forms including circular marks and marks on round shapes. All metals and alloys as well as most plastics are covered. iPhone and iPad engraving is quick and easy and you can even create the design
yourself if you want. Basically we can laser engrave anything. Snapjaws marks batch sizes from 1 piece to 10,000 or more.

Turnaround times are considerably short: Batch sizes of 750 parts or less usually ship within 2 work days. For very urgent matters we offer overnight and weekend marking services. Upon your request we ship these pieces to your
customer directly.

Snapjaws has all the experience and the equipment you may have to acquire. We have a steady flow of Custom Marking orders that range from tubes of 0.02″ diameter to 70″ long military equipment. We cover marks on all industry and household pieces from valves and screws to surgical implants. We are proud to say that we have not made a mistake on our laser in over 15 years.


Our laser etch services have the best prices around. Most jobs cost only $65.
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